Personalised Provision

Every child is unique

At Pauntley CE Primary we believe every child is special and we spend a lot of time ensuring that we cater for all their needs.

Children with Special Educational Needs

For a child who needs additional support and guidance we put together a Individual Education Plan and work with parents and sometimes outside agencies to meet the child’s needs. If your child has Special Educational Needs or Disabilities, it means that they will get specific support to ensure they make the most of our curriculum. 

Gifted and Talented Children

We also support children who have a particular talent or gift either academically or in other aspects of the child’s life. Teachers actively look to identify those talents and gifts then build in opportunities to extend and develop them in whichever way we can.

Who should I turn to?

For both SEN and children with a gift or talent, we have a dedicated member of staff who will seek to provide the right opportunities so that your child will reach their full potential. They will work with you and guide your child in the right direction. For more information please contact us.


Our children love to know when they are doing well and what to do to improve, which is why we have lots of rewards for succeeding. All members of staff can give credit or golden points, and privilege cards to those children who have gone above and beyond in some aspect of their school life.


It is important that children know when their behaviour is wrong and how to put things right, which is why we have simple but effective sanctions when a child misbehaves. Children are given a warning and a reminder of why the behaviour is wrong and if they continue they take ‘time-out’ to reflect on this. If the behaviour continues they see the Headteacher.