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You Can Toucan

At Pauntley Primary school we believe in the power of the growth mindset.

At Pauntley, we have adopted the Growth Mindset philosophy across our whole school.  The children understand the idea of the You Can Toucan and understand that to learn, we have to keep trying and learn from our mistakes. At Pauntley we get children to see mistakes as opportunties to learn and develop. We try to instill the learning behaviours of perseverance and resilience and help children to understand that learning involves facing and overcoming challenges.

Growth Mindset is the idea from Professor Carol Dweck, the Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University. Dweck has conducted a lifetime’s research into mindsets and established an opposition between a fixed mindset (the belief that intelligence is fixed) and a growth mindset (the belief that intelligence can grow).

Our school mascot to help support the growth mindset in school is the You Can Toucan who regularly makes an appearance in lessons to encourage the children and remind them of our growth mindset principles.