Home Learning


Over the past term we have explored a variety of methods to employ remote learning should the inevitable happen. We wanted to provide resources and teaching that had an element of interaction; clear instruction; support for less confident parents and flexibility for those that either have to share devices/work from home/manage childcare for younger siblings. It also needed to be a resource that would allow the children to receive a breadth of learning across a range of subjects.

We have therefore chosen to utilise the Government approved ‘Oak Learning’ resources. Teachers will be selecting units that, where possible, take children’s learning forward or reinforce current understanding.

The teaching videos mean every child has a clear explanation and methods explained in a step by step manner. Furthermore, there is the opportunity to re-watch videos if necessary. Work is given within the video and is based on the taught session. Videos are around 20 minutes and this should provide adequate time (should you have siblings) for other users in the house to share devices. The videos work on laptops, tablets and mobile phones and are fully accessible.  We can even get them in the classroom with the Pauntley connection!

The teachers will set approximately 3 hours work per day with a focus on the core subjects of reading, writing and maths. This will be supported through regular live zoom calls weekly where children can meet friends, ask questions and share learning. The teachers email addresses have been shared and in order to receive feedback on children’s work please upload photos and send.

Timetables will also be posted here to access each week.

Here are some tips to help support learning at home:

1)      Have a clear routine

2)      Have a regular start time and if possible maximize learning opportunities in the morning.

3)      Try and find a space dedicated to learning 

4)      Make the most of your regular exercise time 

5)      Use other resources that interest your children - Be guided by their interests

6)      Make time for breaks – For you and the children!

7)      Celebrate effort – Also look to share work with relatives via Facetime, Zoom, Skype etc – This gives the work a real purpose.

8)      Make time to talk to friends via facetime, Zoom, Houseparty etc – Please be aware of E-safety guidance!

We realise that many of you will be trying to work from home at the same time as teaching your children. However, remember children generally thrive when there is clear structure and routine so try to fit this into your working day where possible.

These are unprecedented times and we cannot underestimate the strain this puts on everyone’s wellbeing.

Please do not forget to talk to your children about what is going on around the world, at an age appropriate level (watching CBBC Newsround daily gives a really nice update at the right level).

Finally, take time to play games, read stories and spend time with your children and most importantly of all stay safe!