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Malvern Class is the Junior Class made up of children from year 3 to year 6. Mrs Greaves is the full time teacher, and Mrs Jenkins works part time supporting children both in and outside the classroom.

This term we are looking at the Ancient Egyptians.  

Myths and legends, stories of the gods, newspaper articles on finding Tutankhamum's tomb, wrapping a mummy; we have all sorts of exciting things coming up!

In design and technology we will be making Egyptian jewellery and an Egyptian temple, and in Maths we are looking at problem solving using Egyptian maths and codes and code breakers. 

At the beginning of June we went to the Cheltenham Science Festival and attended workshops on "Your Amazing Brain" and "Building a Brain", and also took part in a  "Developing Future Engineers" project, where we had to programme a car made of lego!

It's a busy term for sport, as we are having cricket and tag rugby lessons every week, as well as 6 weeks of swimming lessons. 

Have a look at our photos at the top of this page.


After School Clubs 19 May 2015